The Stars Askew: Opening Paragraph

At the end of the US mass marked edition of Unwrapped Sky, you can read the first chapter of The Stars Askew. Here’s the first paragraph:

A revolution, it is said, is a festival of the oppressed. In those early days, Caeli-Amur seemed at times to be one long public meeting. Between the whitewashed walls, the squares and plazas filled with citizens. In the criss-crossing alleyways, hardy washer-women and grim-faced tram drivers debated the new world; in the red-brick factories, committees discussed the running of affairs; avant-garde theatre acts performed bizarre agit-prop on street corners; at the university, students carried on neverending parties, breaking into orgies or fisticuffs before returning to their dwindling stocks of flower-liquors and their nasty yensa-fudge, to begin again. Love affairs were begun; hearts were broken; new ways of living invented. Life itself seemed to have taken on a new intensity and time itself expanded, so that each moment seemed to last forever. And yet, everything was moving at such a pace!

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