Rjurik has published widely on a number of subjects. He specialises on speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy. He has reviewed for the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald and written widely on film.

Here are some book reviews from the Age and SMH:

Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘New York: 2140’.

Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘Aurora’.

William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral’.

Story Breathes Fire on its own Epic Scale

An Illusion in the Game of Survival

Adding a Moral Dimension to the Horror Story

A Memory of Light

You can read some of my non-fiction for Overland here. Some of the longer pieces are here:

Political Writers in the Neoliberal Age

‘You are Sick! This is Not Art!’

Imagining New Worlds

Liberated Zone or Pure Commodification?

Writing Against Reality: Speculative Fiction with Kim Stanley Robinson and China Miéville.

Here is a selection of pieces on film:

Avatar: A Film in A World of it’s Own – Avatar

Science, Technology and Humanity: Visions of the Future in 2001, a Space Odyssey – 2001

Your Typical Miniseries: Bastard Boys – DAVIDSON Bastard Boys

To Love More: An interview with Cherie Nolan: DAVIDSON-interview review CLUBLAND v2

The Fantasy in Stardust – DAVIDSON.Fantasy

Postcard’s from ‘the Edge’: John Pilger’s War on Democracy – DAVIDSON.F47.War.on.Dem1

This Boy’s Life: Romulus My Father – DAVIDSON Romulus My Father v2

Vagaries and Violence in V for Vendetta – FAT.46.Davidson.V.for.Vendentta

There Will be Blood: Daybreakers and the Vampire Movie – Daybreakers

Hope in Children of Men FAT47.DAVIDSON.Child.of.Men2

Unfulfilled Desres: The Smart Genre of Lake Mungo – Lake Mungo

Fighting the Good Fight? Watching Watchmen – Watchmen

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