Month: August 2013

Toward the Boardwalk: Lovecraft, Modernism and Boardwalk Empire

Lately, my world has been shrinking. First, the move to Finland, which has meant arrival in a land where I don’t speak the language. Of course, everyone – well almost everyone – ¬†here speaks English, but that’s countervailed by the notorious Finnish introversion. I find myself in a place far from most of my friends. […]

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I’ve spent most of the last month horizontal on a couch, either reading or watching television on my computer. A month ago, I re-injured – re-bulged? – the C-7 disc at the base of my neck. The effect was to have pain in all the muscles surrounding the right shoulder, and running down the right […]

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Lefebvre’s French Revolution

They don’t write books like Lefebvre’s anymore. As one of the two or three twentieth century experts on the French Revolution, Lefebvre was entitled to give a definite interpretation of the Revolution. But actually, his certainty of analysis and representation comes from a different era of history writing – the era before the rise of […]

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