Below are a number of interviews people have done with me, working, roughly, backwards in time:


  • Civilian Reader interviewed me about The Stars Askew. I also mention that I am working on a new YA novel.


  • Tor Books in the UK are awesome and here they put 5 questions to me on the eve of The Stars Askew being published. They ask a lot about sequels. But they are pretty interesting questions.


  • The Qwillery got me (for a second time) to talk (this time) about The Stars Askew. One of the things I mention is that there’s a gay relationship between two of the characters. Read it here.


  • Ben Peek is the talented writer of the Godless trilogy. Here we ruminate on the act of writing, of being published, and are proof that even interviews need editors to stop writers from carrying on. The co-interview with Ben Peek on Fantasy Faction.


  • When Unwrapped Sky came out, I was asked about the influences on it, the way I viewed magic and technology, and what my particular take on fantasy was. In the interview with Adventures in Sci-fi Publishing I explain how fantasy can relate to realism.


  • In another interview based around Unwrapped Sky, I talked about myself a bit more. Or at least I resisted it and interrogated the idea of asking someone about themselves. That happens in this interview with The Book Plank.


  • In another interview about Unwrapped Sky, I talk about whether I’m a plotter or a pantser in an interview with the Qwillery. The Qwillery are a cool little blog too.


  • Nathan Burrage is a friend and a damn fine writer too. He interviews me with his customary acumen over here. We were both at Clarion South together and lived – barely – to tell the tale. But check out his writing when you get a chance.


  • Look, who is going to reject the title of an interview as “Player Profile.” Player? Sounds like I’m either a high-stakes poker whiz or a Bond-ease Casanova. This interview with Jon Page at Boomerang Books is mostly about my, my writing desk and what literary character I’d be.


  • Ben Peek  pops up again interviewing me, like the Godless man he is. Here he asks me about the stories in The Library of Forgotten Books.


  • Alec Patric is an award-winning author from Melbourne. He used to work on an online journal Verity La. Here he interviewed me kindly ab0ut ‘The Interminable Suffering of Mysterious Mr. Wu.”


  • Interview with all round award winner and writer extraordinaire, Angela Slatter.


  • Jeff Vandermeer, genius that he is, interviewed me some years ago. In the interview I talked writing and having rats in the back yard running wild. An interview with Jeff Vandermeer.

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