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Rjurik Davidson is a writer and editor.

He has written short stories, essays, reviews and screenplays.

Rjurik writes imaginative fiction, speculative fiction, science fiction, surrealism, magic realism and fantasy. His unique and radical speculative fiction has seen him nominated for or win a number of awards. He has been compared with China Mieville, J.G. Ballard, Jeff Vandermeer, Ursula K. Le Guin and Samuel R. Delany.

He is also an accomplished professional and educational writer.

His novel, Unwrapped Sky, was published by Tor Books in April 2014. Sci Fi Now claims it can “go toe-to-toe with China Miéville’s best.” Kirkus Reviews calls it “Impressively imagined and densely detailed.” Newtown Review of Books says it’s “one volume you cannot ignore.”

His novel, The Stars Askew Was released in 2016. Kirkus reviews says, “there’s no doubting the quality of the imagination on display here.” Smash dragons says it’s “a story that both delights and challenges your thinking.” Pop Mythology says, “The Stars Askew does not disappoint.”

Rjurik’s screenplay The Uncertainty Principle (co-written with Ben Chessell) is currently in development.

Rjurik teaches literature and creative writing. He is available for workshops on request.

Rjurik has lived in Australia, France. The US, and Finland.

He loves: Interesting strangers. Ideas which make you see the world in entirely new ways. Long conversations especially at exotic meals in hidden-away restaurants. Animals. Laughing at the universe. Friends. The rain and mist when you’re inside in front of a fire. Traveling to places he’s never been. Unusual strangers. Kung Fu. Watching films all day.

Rjurik's Work Experience



Rjurik has taught at a number of Universities, including Lat Trobe University, Monash University, RMIT and Melbourne University.

Educational Writing


Rjurik is an experienced educational writer. He has worked with a number of importantly international publishers, including Visang Education, Educational Designers, QBS and others

Rjurik's Education

University Studies


Rjurik completed a PHD in Literature and Politics at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. He studies with Dennis Altman and Chris Palmer.

Creative Writing Teacher


Rjurik has taught creative writing -- fiction and creative non-fiction -- at universities as well as in individual workshops at the Brisbane Writers' Fesitval, the Overland Masterclass for Progressive Writers" , and for Express Media.

What I Do





Rjurik has worked with many publishers in various publishing mediums such as book publishers, online magazines, etc. The following publishers represent a few of the publishers that have published Rjurik’s works such as Pan Macmillan, PS Publishing and Twelfth Planet Press.

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