Pompeii: The Film

So I saw the latest disaster film, Pompeii, which is a kind of combination of Titanic with Gladiator. I can’t say it’s a great movie, though it is a fun one. To a Pompeii-lover like me, there were a few annoying things. Like, at the beginning I think that there is a shot of one of the main characters arriving from Rome, but approaching Pompeii from the south. But really, what is there to say about a film like this? It lumbers on, pretty much as we would expect. The fight scenes are fun. The oppositions are interesting enough. Events occur when we expect them. We are never really surprised. Perhaps the most notable thing is that Kit Harrrington doesn’t really have the gravitas to carry the film, something we couldn’t be sure about having only seen him in the ensemble cast of Game of Thrones, where he fulfils his duty as Jon Snow ably enough. Sure he’s pretty and brooding and his abs are cut as finely as anyone’s, but to carry a film, one must have a different order of charisma, one which is impossible to fake, and hard to learn. The film, then, was standard fare. I wouldn’t watch it again, but I watched it once and it served its purpose well-enough.

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