Derren Brown’s Tricks of the Mind

Tricks Of The MindTricks Of The Mind by Derren Brown
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For fans for Derren Brown’s television shows – fascinating combinations of magic, psychology and hypnosis – this book is bound to be of interest. Brown outlines quite a bit of the background to his work: the structures of magic, hypnosis (and its wildcat sub-discipline, NLP), mind-reading, faulty thinking, memory, etc. He does so with admirable sense of perspective, important given the way a great deal of loopiness exists in those worlds, though I’m not sure he ends up with a coherent position of his own. There are certainly many things which he leaves fairly vague, but then again, it is a popular book, not a specialist work. Still, the most important flaw is Tricks of the Mind’s lack of overarching theme and narrative. Really, it’s a collection of essays, only slightly interrelated. Still, pretty interesting stuff, with a few things – magic, hypnosis, memory methods – you can try out if it takes your interest.

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