A Verdant Land


Someone from the antipodes is struck by the incredible lushness of the green, the sense that everything is alive. So far from deep reds and crackling dryness of the ‘sunburnt’ southern land. There seems also to be something missing, but one can’t quite fathom what it is. The sense, then, is of being decentred, of feeling of the exotic. This, of course, is the reverse of those impressions of Europeans when they arrived in Australia.



The path leads away like something from a fairy tale. Beneath is a marsh, the ground a mass of spongyness, over which frogs hop gently. Flowers rise from the mossy ground, little white diamonds.IMG_0635

Lakes litter the land like the footsteps of giants. Over each rise, you find them. They lie flat and still, mirroring the trees that look silently over them.

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