Dark Tides

Dark Tides, Rjurik’s innovative new collection, will be released by Twelfth Planet Press in 2018. It is filled with themes that Rjurik has been known for as well as several major essays.

Interested in thought-provoking speculative fiction which investigates the themes of gender, sexuality, politics and terrible moral dilemmas in dangerous worlds?

Interested the process of creative writing and overcoming writer’s block?

Interested in the history of science fiction film?

Then Dark Tides is for you.

Twelfth Planet Press explain:

Dark Tides is an exciting genre-spanning collection featuring science fiction and fantasy, surrealism and magic realism. A man listens to his mysterious neighbour’s constant weeping; a future revolutionary faces terrible moral choices in the face of a surrounding enemy army; in the city of Caeli-Amur, a man visits the ghost-haunted ruins of the ancient forum; an immigrant searches for intimacy in a fascist Paris; a researcher joins an expedition to capture a Siren; a lost soul is hired to guard a corridor with six permanently closed doors—these and many more stories intrigue and sparkle, swing us from melancholy to triumph, and set our minds alight with ideas. Dark Tides is a collection that unveils the contradictions of life and turn them on an angle so that we might see them—and ourselves—more clearly.