The Holographic Deer

In my dream last night, I was given the job of searching for a missing man, who had disappeared. Slowly the people who were aiding me in the search began to change into strange stepford wives-ey folk, blank and creepy, and I ended up fleeing through a forest with them pursuing me. When I arrived at a huge American mall, I found that I was with four of them. I realised I could free them from their mental domination if I could get them to remember their faith before they were ‘taken’ — buddhism, christianity, whatever. Somewhere along the line I took the opportunity to enter a “hunting and antiques” shop to buy a handgun (this was America, after all). The woman who owned it took me through the wide, open restaurant (huh?) to the shooting range in the corner, where I pointed the gun at a churning barrel of water, expecting some sort of holographic deer to raise its head at any moment. “It’s not going to be a real deer is it?!” I cried out.

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