Andromeda Spaceways Reviews Unwrapped Sky.

There’s a new review of Unwrapped Sky over at Andromeda Spaceways. My favourite bit:

Davidson’s immersion is in the pungent, everyday workings of his world: he writes from within it, reminiscing almost, like a citizen of Caeli-Amur returned home from earthly cities far removed, now to act as the reader’s guide. Unwrapped Sky is at once foreign and familiar: a disturbed dream wherein dark fantasy makes its play, twisting at shadows to much the same effect as that of clouds taking fanciful shape in an idle mind’s eye. Beguiling, poetic, unnervingly close to the bone, Davidson’s first small step may well come to be looked back upon as having given impetus to a whole new readership to free itself from escapism and bound voraciously instead through those inky vistas unexplored.

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